Special expertise and methods

Please visit NORMOLIMs three sites for more information on local expertise:

Trondheim –  Brain imaging – MR Core Facility – NTNU     Leader: Marius Widerøe

Bergen – Cancer imaging – Molecular Imaging Center – UiB     Leader: Frits Thorsen

Oslo – Cardiac imaging – Preclinical MR Core Facility – OUS     Leader: Ivar Sjaastad

Special imaging methods:

  • Manganese Enhanced MR Imaging.
  • Multimodal MR combining in vivo MR imaging, in vivo multi-nuclear MR spectroscopy, and ex vivo MR metabolomics of intact tissue samples/biopsies.
  • Metabolomics studies using MR spectroscopy with 13C enriched substrates.
  • High-resolution MR phase contrast imaging of myocardial strain and motion.
  • High-end MRI and ultrasound-based analysis of regional myocardial function combined with advanced electrophysiological and live cell imaging techniques.
  • Multimodal imaging (MRI, PET/CT, OI, US) of tumour development and treatment effects on malignant tumours.
  • Ultrasound strain imaging and elastography.
  • Ultrasound scanning in animal models for IBD and PDAC (microbubbles and sonoporation).
  • In vivo time-domain optical imaging of cancer, particularly with discrimination of targeted near-infrared fluorophores from endogenous background or non-targeted probe.