Available technologies

Small animal systemsNTNU-site (Trondheim)UiB-site (Bergen)OUS-site (Oslo)
MR imaging
• 7T Bruker Biospec
• AVANCE III Coils for
1H, 19F, 31P, 23Na and 13C
• 2x 600MHz NMR spectrometers
• MRI Cryoprobe
• MR Solutions Powerscan 7T PET/MR• Bruker 9.4 T (21 cm horisontal bore)
PET/CT imaging• Bruker PET insert for simutaneous PET-MR imaging• Mediso NanoScan PET/CT
PET tracer synthesis• 18F and 11C synthesis units
• Radio metal synthesis units (64Cu, 55Co and 68Ga)
• Regular production (18F-FDG, 18F-PSMA, 18F-MK6240, 18F-DOPA)
• 18F-MISO (upon request)
• Various established tracers for research purposes
• 18F and C11 synthesis units
• 18F-FDG production 4 days a week
Optical imaging• IVIS Spectrum • IVIS Spectrum
Ultrasound imaging• VEVO LAZR-X with photoacoustic imaging. • Vevo 2100• Vevo 2100
Mass spectrometry imaging• Bruker rapiflex MALDI